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Fast-track your entry into undergraduate degrees in business and commerce and more at your overseas university of choice. The undergraduate modules are recognised for entry and advanced standing.

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*Credit for up to 4 modules when you progress to onshore studies at one of our Navitas Pathway Program colleges and/or university partnerships.

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UniSmarter undergraduate modules

What can I study Where can I study
LBIC + Brunel University London, United Kingdom ECC + Edith Cowan University Perth, Australia or Colombo, Sri Lanka Eynesbury College (3) + The University of Adelaide Adelaide, Australia Griffith College + Griffith University Brisbane, Australia LTCA La Trobe University Sydney, Melbourne, Australia SIBT + Western Sydney University Sydney, Australia Murdoch University Dubai, UAE
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1 Perth campus | 2 Melbourne campus | (3) Credit for 3 undergraduate modules

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Accounting for Business Management

Numbers don’t lie. Accounting knowledge is essential for many functions within the business world, but one key area is that of business management. This module gives you a comprehensive understanding of accounting information and its practical use from a management perspective. Students receive the foundational knowledge and skills to analyse and interpret the financial statements that will directly impact critical decisions made within a business.

Learn how to apply financial data to problem solving in business contexts, communicate this information effectively, and use it to monitor key business operations. Successful completion of this course leads to Undergraduate-level studies in business and can open doors to a wide range of job roles, including in areas such as accounting, banking, business administration, consulting, financial management, and more.



Principles of Marketing

Examples of marketing practices at work are everywhere, with the average person encountering hundreds of products, brands and advertisements each day.

In this module, you’ll learn the techniques and concepts used by marketers to develop these products and campaigns. We’ll take a close look at what constitutes a market and how you can identify, segment and target relevant markets with the right distribution and communication strategies to drive demand for a product or service. As well as marketing objectives and techniques, we’ll look at the ethical issues that can arise in connection with their use, so that you can be proficient in socially responsible marketing.

Writing and Research for Business and Commerce

Writing and research are two of the most critical academic and professional skills you can acquire. Underpinning them are proficiencies that are key to success in any educational institution or professional workplace, including critical thinking, time management, use of formal language, presenting and supporting arguments, interpreting visual data, and writing reports.

This module prepares students with the foundational skills that will be essential to their university studies, and will help them meet the real-world demands of a future role in business or commerce



Introduction to Statistics

Statistically speaking, statistics is a wise career move. As a branch of mathematics, statistics are used to calculate, analyse and present information across many diverse fields, including sciences, social sciences, business, and more.

This module delivers a broad introduction to statistical practice and data analysis techniques, so you are equipped with the tools to employ appropriate methods of analysis in a variety of different settings. Topics include study design, data manipulation, statistical inference, regression and analysis of categorical data.

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