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Our destinations

Navitas pathway colleges, managed campuses and university partners are located in some of the world’s most exciting destinations. This offers students a fantastic opportunity to experience the city, culture and lifestyle of their choice.


With a unique teaching style that encourages students to be innovative and creative, Australia is ranked as one of the world’s top study destinations. Australia offers something for everyone: vibrant cities, tropical rainforests, barren deserts, sparkling snowfields and some of the most beautiful beaches on earth.


The UK’s centuries-old tradition of higher education has produced some of the world’s greatest leaders and thinkers. London is one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities, and the UK’s 250,000 international students add to the country’s ethnic diversity and cultural richness.

Sri Lanka

With welcoming people, timeless ruins, endless beautiful beaches, famous tea and flavourful food, Sri Lanka really is an irresistible country to explore. It’s the perfect destination for students to experience plenty in the way of culture, history and recreation as they work towards their degree.


An ultramodern oasis filled with breath-taking architecture, stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife, Dubai never fails to impress. Booming with job opportunities, Dubai also lets students interact with a diverse and multicultural community of locals and expats from around the world.


From majestic palaces like Taj Mahal tancient teachings like yoga, India is a traveller’s mecca and home to some of the world’s richest culture, history, art, cuisine and diversity. Being the world’s third-largest higher education system, India also delivers lessons beyond the classroom and a certain magic that captivates all senses. 

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