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Student support

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Always get the support you need 

While you may be studying ‘far away’ from your future university campus, you will always feel like you’re a part of the campus. UniSmarter offers a virtual learning environment that mimics a real university campus, only with more flexibility and the support you need – whenever you need it.

The online learning platform is designed to help you build up the confidence to interact with lecturers and peers, so you can feel more comfortable asking questions and get the support to excel at your studies. Starting your degree from the comfort of home helps smooth the transition to on-campus studies, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the coursework and expectations of university before ever setting foot on campus.

One-to-one tutoring

A unique proposition of UniSmarter is the one-to-one academic tutoring provided to all students with the objective of helping them succeed in the program. UniSmarter believes that each student deserves focused attention and personalised academic support so they can fulfill their potential. 

As a student, you will have a personal tutor, called an ‘online facilitator’, for each module. Think of your online facilitator as someone you can approach on a range of academic matters such as:


Doubt solving

Set up a one-to-one session to seek clarifications on concepts covered in the week and to resolve your doubts. 


Assignment guidance and review

Written assignments and reports are a big part of university-level studies, and a huge advantage in many careers. You can receive personalised guidance and feedback on your approach, structure and writing skills to help you convey your ideas much more clearly.


Exam preparation

Learn the best ways to review the information, revise, and use in-exam techniques to be confident for your final examinations. Setting up practice sessions with your online facilitator is a great way to ensure you’ll be prepared.

The best part? Your online facilitators are highly responsive and available via phone, text, email or chat. They are also accessible 7 days a week, which you’ll find extremely handy when you’re studying over the weekend or preparing for assignments.

We encourage you to make full use of your online facilitator to maximise your chances of success at UniSmarter and emerge well prepared for your future overseas education. 

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Student Success Advisors

At such a transitional period in one’s life, starting university studies can be challenging. Whether you are struggling with the technology, coursework, or dealing with unforeseen personal problems, everyone can use a helping hand sometimes.

UniSmarter provides each student with a Student Success Advisor (SSA) who stays with you throughout your learning journey. SSA’s have extensive experience and can be approached for a range of support services to help make your transition to university-level studies as seamless and stress-free as possible, and to assist with the development of a variety of academic and practical skills.

Student Success Advisors can help you with:


Administration and Enrolment

If you need any help navigating the online learning environment, need advice on module planning, have questions on administrative matters or have feedback to provide, simply connect with your SSA for a discussion. They are there to resolve your problems.


Studying tips

Everyone learns differently, and similarly, everyone will experience online studies differently. Between virtual classes, assignments, exams and a social life, you may find yourself struggling to find enough time in a day to get everything done. The SSA can help you find the study routine that works best for you and provide study tips to amplify your academic performance.


Overseas progression

The SSA will connect you to a number of experiences such as virtual campus and city tours, ‘lecturer in the field’, and Facebook live events, so you can get familiar with your future university and make meaningful connections in order to create a valuable support network.


Health and wellbeing

Whether it’s a problem you don’t feel like you can solve alone, or personal issues concerning academic performance, anxiety, or family matters, your SSA is always available to chat. If needed, they can connect you to professional counsellors for advice. That’s because your health and wellbeing – physical, mental or emotional – always come first.

English language support

If English isn’t your first language, there are a number of additional support services to help you hone your written and oral skills. Based on your need, you can access online English tutorials, practice exercises and live sessions with language experts to build up your confidence and language skills.

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