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Virtual learning environment

Unlike other online learning options, UniSmarter has been purposely designed to support first-time online students while maintaining the high academic standard that will lead to a smooth and successful transition to overseas university studies.

The program blends online interactive content with small group sessions and one-to-one tutoring to create high levels of academic engagement, which leads to superior passing rates for our students.

This type of learning environment gives you the flexibility to set your own study routine and at the same time, allows you to engage with a highly experienced teaching team and your classmates as you work through key concepts and tasks.

Each online module spans a 7-week term and concludes with a final exam. You can choose to enrol in either 1 or 2 modules per term.

There are 3 main components to the virtual learning environment: Interactive online content, learning from international instructors, and one-to-one tutoring.


Interactive online content

  • No expensive textbooks required! Everything you need is provided in the online modules. Designed with interactive features and activities, these modules make learning efficient and engaging.
  • Each module is divided into 7 sections, making it easy to plan and pace your studies.
  • All assignment information and deadlines are provided in advance to help you stay on track to complete each module within the 7-week timeframe.


Learning from international instructors

  • UniSmarter has assembled a world-class teaching team who are available to you through small group sessions and one-to-one engagements.
  • Each module is led by an online coordinator who is an international subject specialist, based in Australia or the UK. The coordinator holds live online sessions each week to discuss concepts and answer your questions.
  • The online coordinator is supported by a team of subject experts, called online facilitators. Online facilitators conduct interactive online tutorials each week, where you apply your learnings in a guided environment. Learn more about online facilitators on our support page.
  • Lastly, each module contains a number of learning activities that promote peer-to-peer interactions just as you would have in an on-campus classroom.


One-to-one tutoring

  • Everyone learns differently, which is why UniSmarter offers personalised one-to-one academic tutoring to every student. These sessions are to ensure your specific learning needs are addressed and that you are equipped with the right learning methods that will help you succeed.
  • Your online facilitators are available to you for one-to-one sessions where you can discuss academic concepts, solve challenging questions or get guidance on assignments.
  • Online facilitators are easily accessible when you need support. They are available 7 days a week over phone, text, chat or email.
  • In the case of non-academic matters – including module planning, policy matters, progressing to overseas university or general wellbeing – you can always reach out to your assigned student success advisor.

The virtual learning environment is designed so that students are regularly engaged with the coursework, whether it’s through online activities, live sessions or one-to-one interactions. It’s proven that the more engaged you are, the better your learning outcomes will be.

Higher engagement rates equate to higher passing rates

  • One-to-one interactions are the most popular format amongst online learners.
  • 90% of online learners have a regular one-to-one session with their online facilitator.
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