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Your smartest start to a top 2% university. UniSmarter’s Masters Qualifying Program (MQP) is your online pathway to multiple Masters Degrees in Australia.

UniSmarter Admission

UniSmarter PQP (2 modules)
On-campus PQP (2 modules)
Direct entry to Masters Program*
UniSmarter Pre-Masters Qualifying modules (4 modules)
Direct entry to Masters Program* Multiple university options
  • Online UniSmarter Pathway
  • On-campus Navitas Pathway Program

*Credit for up to 4 modules when you progress to onshore studies at one of our Navitas Pathway Program colleges and/or university partnerships.

Successful completion of all 4 postgraduate modules + a GPA of 4 allows students direct entry into the following Masters programs:

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What you will study

Creative and Critical Thinking

Critical, creative and analytical thinking skills are fundamental to success in Postgraduate studies. This module helps you gain an understanding of all the concepts used in critical thinking, including the interpretation of arguments, and the development of your own effective arguments in both spoken and written form.

You’ll define and assess arguments and evidence from a wide range of academic sources and be able to explain approaches to effective critical reading at the Postgraduate level. This module lends itself to the building of advanced cognitive, communicative and problem-solving skills that will be highly transferable to the real world and your future workplace.



Applied Concepts

Applying ideas in practice is an essential capability for Postgraduate students and an important life skill to develop. This module has been designed to guide you through the key activities and concepts that need to be understood and applied in the production of a written report at the Postgraduate level. You will develop your formal and academic writing skills by composing a report while receiving continual feedback in the form of tutorials and 1:1 lecturer support. 

Alongside your completed report, you‘ll produce a short assessment reflecting on your approach, showing your understanding of the steps involved in the production of a written submission at Postgraduate level and demonstrating your ability to evaluate your own capabilities in research and writing. At the end of the course, you will be able to showcase your work in both written and oral form.

Research Methods

This module is designed to help you use critical research and analytical skills in writing, with the end goal of producing a written report at the Postgraduate level. After in-depth learning on research protocols, you will create a mini-dissertation where you will present your findings and defend your argument.

This module helps students develop a good conceptual understanding of the main aspects of postgraduate research and how to apply them in the production of a written report. By the end of the course, you will be proficient in effectively arranging and communicating qualitative and quantitative information, both orally and in writing.



Interactive Learning Skills and Communication for Postgraduate Study

This module was built to help students develop the academic and communicative skills required for successful postgraduate studies, and to prepare them for professional life. The course promotes independent learning and will help motivate you to take responsibility for your own personal, academic and professional development.

You’ll undertake fundamental preparation for Postgraduate programs, including learning processes and styles, presentation skills, research and referencing, writing techniques, critical thinking, and data interpretation and analysis. Upon completion, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of the structure, purpose and expectations of the Postgraduate degree scheme, and how you can embed the concept of continuous improvement and objectivity into your own academic performance.

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